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    External volume keys

    Seems that all the S40 devices that have touchscreen also have external volume keys.
    Is there any way to get notified when these keys are pressed?

    I have tried the stuff on this page:
    but it doesn't work.

    Also in this page http://developer.nokia.com/Community...buttons_events
    it says that instead of "com.nokia.external.volume.Event" you should use "com.nokia.external.volume.event", but that doesn't make any difference because there is no event at all when pressing the volume keys.

    I have tried this on emulators (S40 5th Edition fp1, Nokia SDK 2.0 and Asha SDK 1.0) and in a real device (Asha 202).

    I'm guessing that this is something for S60 devices and doesn't work in S40 at all ?

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    Re: External volume keys

    Just to make sure: the articles do not express it too much, but playerUpdate method comes from PlayerListener interface, and it has to be registered with addPlayerListener. Do you have these parts too?

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    Re: External volume keys

    Yes I have used PlayerListener interface. And I get STARTED, STOPPED etc. events ok.

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