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    Selected JumpList item in LognListSelector


    I have a lot of items to display in a LongListSelector (around 8000). I want to partially load items (and eventually also dispose items when they are out of the visible view). I know also the content of the jump list. At initialisation I load 20 items. While the user scrolls down, I load more items (implemented the ItemsRealized event). Now when the JumpList is closed, I want to know which item of the jump list is selected in order to build the list before and after the jump position.

    How do I know the selected jump item after the jump list is closed?

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    Re: Selected JumpList item in LognListSelector

    Unless you're loading the items from a network, and prefer to load them gradually as opposed to all at once, there is no reason to try and lazy load items locally.

    The LongListSelector virtualises items itself, so if you bind it to a collection of, say, 5000 items - only a few screens worth are loaded at a time.

    Does this help or does the later part of your question still apply?

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