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    Windows Phone Self-Signed Certificate

    I'm developing an app that stream live media on windows phone.I have use this tool to play .m3u8 file

    some of my link that i want to stream use a self-signed certificate witch is not supported by microsoft.Here is one of my link that i want to stream:

    is there any way i can pass the certificate?

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    Re: Windows Phone Self-Signed Certificate

    Have you tried to install the self signed certificate on the Windows Phone?

    Email the certificate to yourself and install it on the phone and see if that works.

    If it does not, you will need to have a valid certificate.

    I would also recommend you to get a website certificate for that. These guys provide free ones that I didn't tested: https://www.startssl.com/?app=0

    The price is low so you may as well give it a go and see if it solves your problem.

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