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    NFC Tag info between Andriod and Windows Phone


    i have a query regarding the NFC Tag info display between Andriod and windows Phone.

    If the tag is scanned by Andriod device, it will display tag information like Tag ID, tag type and etc

    but scan with using Windows phone device like Lumia 720, it would able to show out the tag id and i had tried several free tag reader to windows phone store.

    So, does it mean the windows phone is not able to the tag info? Or, those free tag reader does not display out? Or, Windows phone does not able to read tag info?

    please help,


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    Re: NFC Tag info between Andriod and Windows Phone

    Perhaps this thread is already answering your questions: http://developer.nokia.com/Community...d-NFC-features

    A lot of information aside from the tag's content currently isn't surfaced in the APIs.

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