I may seem like a novice among the developers, who dominate this forum. But actually I am one as I have used Nokia 3650 only for 3 days now. Here are some problems that i am facing:

(i) I am facing serious problems with Nokia PC Suite using BT connectivity with this phone. I have raised this issue in detail through a separate email. But I am able to transfer pictures and music without any hassles. Can I install new games and software without PC Suite by just transferring the relevant .sis file?

(ii) Is it possible to stretch a small sized (but high resolution) image to full screen size and then save it? I can only use zoom in option to see it fill the screen. Even if I use Full Screen option, I cannot really fill the whole screen (only the signal meter, battery indicator , right-left quick select butons vanish). In case of Zoom In, I cannot save the enlarged image. In case of Full Screen, the size of the image does not change at all. Basically what I want to do is to fill the entire screen with a good image (even though it may affect the visibility of meters and text marginally). Can you help me do that?

(iii) If I have an image on the phone memory, how can I transfer it to memory card and vice versa? In other words, is the function of cut, copy and paste available for images and sounds as well?

(iv) Can I use my images as screen saver in place of text or clock as screen saver? If yes, how?

Thanking you in anticipation,

Yours sincerely,

Sanjeev Gupta