Hi all,

I have created networked midlet and have some problems

1 - i used DataOutputStream writeXXX , writeUTF() for example, but this is not good for Nokia 3510i, it seams that this phone doesnt have DataOutputStream implemented !! because the servlet from readUTF() get EOF exception, basially, he gets no data

2 - i changed it so it first convert all to byte[] and I send an array of bytes using normal OutputStream.write(), it works for nokia series 30 and 40 ok

3 - but it doesnd work on 7650 !! I am getting EOF on the server again,
dont you please know, why it cannot send an array of bytes ? (on other phones it works)

I really dont want to do a stupid for() and send 30 bytes one by one

Thanks a lot
Tomas Zeman