Hey Guys

I have finally managed to build the video streaming app, which works OK. I have 2 issues,

1. The downloaded video is stored to temp/media folder, which my client does not want
2. After watching 2 videos, at the third video the app is stuck, and crashes

I am not sure how to approach my 2nd issue, but have some sort of an idea on 1. I am hoping, I can delete the temp file when the user watches video and goes back to the play screen or when the user exits the app in the destroyApp()

For the 2nd problem Im facing, I understand that it is because it is eating up the RAM, but not sure how to attack it,

The video size is about 350K average, some are 200 K, some are 400K, but not more.

If someone can give me pointers, that would be most helpful.

Also, if my approach is wrong (as mentioned above) please give me the right direction, I will be happy to learn.