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    Problem in developing windows phone 8 application

    I downloaded windows phone 8 sdk. When i try to run application in Emulator i'm getting following error

    "Can't start the windows phone emulator
    The windows phone emulator couldn't start because the hypervisor isn't running. The likely cause is that the hardware-assisted virtualization isn't turned on. Check pc's bios and make sure ......"

    But in bios i enabled "Visualization Technology". Also my pc support SALT. Also "NxPolicy" which is not available in bios, buy my pc support it(i got this info from manufacturer's website) so i turned on NxPolicy using "Visaul BCD". I set NxPolicy to "NxPolicyAlwaysOn". Also set "HypervisorLaunchType" to "HypervisorLaunchAuto". My processor is first generation core i3. My pc meets OS requirements for windows phone sdk 8. But i have only 2GB of RAM. is that the problem? . Unfortunately my phone is Nokia Asha 501, so i cant run in device too. Is there anyway to fix this problem using my existing pic or is there any other way to test application, with development?

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    Re: Problem in developing windows phone 8 application

    To my knowledge all Core i processors should have the required hardware capabilities. As for the Emulator not launching, it might be due to the RAM, I have been succesfully running it on a machine with a 1st Gen Core i5 and 4 GB of RAM but running a 1 GB Emulator would leave your OS + Visual Studio with less than 1 GB of their own. Something you could try to find out more would be to reboot your pc and before you start anything else you run the "Application Deployment" tool that was installed as part of the WP8 SDK. You then choose a XAP file (they can be found inside your Visual Studio Project Folder under <SolutionName>/<ProjectName>/bin/Debug, select as Target the "Emulator WVGA 512 MB" and press "Deploy". It should now start the Emulator and Deploy the App package. If that works it likely is an issue with having to little RAM.

    If that doesn't work as well my guess would be that it's still another issue. Perhaps the Hyper-V component of Windows 8 isn't properly installed. (You will need the Pro version of Windows 8 or Windows 8.1 because the Non-Pro Version does not have support for the Hyper-V Supervisor).

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    Re: Problem in developing windows phone 8 application

    A couple of things you should check for...
    1. your anti-virus can prevent virtualization so make sure you check its settings that its not disabled ( I have such settings on avast anti-virus )
    2. check your exact cpu model here http://ark.intel.com/products/family...e-i3-Processor
    3. just incase you should check out this tool http://blogs.msdn.com/b/taylorb/arch...and-amd-v.aspx for intel
    4. try running the emulator as a stand alone (i.e. not via visual studio and with no other programs running in the background to rule out ram issues)
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