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    Lightbulb Turn support for voip api

    Hello Guys,

    Does anybody know if TURN support will be added into voip api? I mean, is it into our roadmap??

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    Re: Turn support for voip api

    Is there anybody here?

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    Re: Turn support for voip api

    This question is not really related to Java, probably that is why it did not get attention (6 users have seen it according to the box below).
    http://developer.nokia.com/Community..._documentation is the most what I could point out. Those docs mention STUN only as I see.
    http://developer.nokia.com/Blogs/New...and-voip-apis/ is an other page announcing VoIP support. A thing what you can try is leaving a comment on these pages. Also, in case of the Wiki article, it is possible to send a private message to the author (just click on the name), he may know more.

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