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    Lightbulb Imaging SDK 1.0 Feedback Competition: dtimotei: Improvements in the SDK


    I took a look over the current SDK and it's really mature and much better than the beta version . However, I feel that some improvements or future features would really help. I'll list some of them here (and highlight with bold the ideas):

    1) What about integrating OpenCV (or at least parts of it that don't overlap with the existing Imaging SDK) or make it compatible with the Imaging SDK? I know it's not so easy, but OpenCV already compiles (kinda) with WinRT and that's not so much different than WinPRT. With your guys from the Imaging department they could really nail it down faster/better than any of us (Unless we find some OpenCV dev which also uses/has interest in the WP platform).

    With the new integration we could really enhance the possibilities of Imaging SDK to allow it even more scenarios. Probably it will clash with the already existing apps like SmartCam or others, but still, it would be an awesome addition provided that OpenCV is de facto in its area and we always can have new ideas.

    2) Allow image (and/or) filter serialization. Yes, we can save manually the plain image or invent our custom serializer (e.g.: Run Length Encoding or what-not) for the images or filters..., but it's so much better if it's integrated in the SDK and done by you. You already know the internal format and you know how to benefit maximum from it. Just two simple methods: "Serialize(targetFile)" and "Deserialize(sourceFile)" should suffice. We don't care what's behind. The point is: we want to store the images (and/or filters) in the most optimum fashion locally, especially when keeping backups (e.g.: for apps that do image processing) from big images. Just imagine how much spaces does a 20+MP image take . Another scenario where this feature would be extremely useful is when transferring images over the network between apps that know/use the Imaging SDK. This way we can cut the transfer size lower.


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    Re: Imaging SDK 1.0 Feedback Competition: dtimotei: Improvements in the SDK

    Why you can't use OpenCV with Imaging SDK?

    I don't understand what you want say by image (and/or) filter serialization.
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    Re: Imaging SDK 1.0 Feedback Competition: dtimotei: Improvements in the SDK

    isn't image serialization simply saving the image as jpg/png from the writeablebitmaprenderer result?
    and its deserialization is simply the decoding of said jpg/png to Bitmap in memory ?

    I think OpenCV and the Imaging SDK, while both handles images, take care of different roles in the aspect of imaging.
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    Re: Imaging SDK 1.0 Feedback Competition: dtimotei: Improvements in the SDK

    I believe that he wants to serialize the imaging pipeline to enable tombstoning scenarios, etc. I wouldn't really know why to serialize images though given that you could simply save them compressed/uncompressed.

    As for OpenCV I believe it's more about getting the two to play nice with each other to avoid conversions when using both in your App.

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