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    Exclamation What is Nokia Asha vs Nokia Windows Phone


    I am a developer in DotNet. I did several Windows Phone Apps mainly for Nokia Windows Phone.

    The marked is leading by:
    - Android (52%)
    - Apple (23%)
    - Backberry (8.1%)
    - Windows Phone (1.5%)

    I fully don't understand why a developer now needs to learn a new system. Linux seems to come up with full opensource access. But Asha is far away for me to develop in case I have no Microsoft-Compatibility to Computers as on Windows Phone and because there are less features in comparation to Android, free license (even if prices for Asha enduser is lower instead of Windows Phone license).

    I saw some SDK's for Asha but I could not imagine what should be really better than at Asha system. I am very interested in a kind of "Full access Windows Phone" system. But by using C++ in Windows Phone 8, it seems to be what full access means. I am in electronical office and I really like to get the Asha imrovements. Please, can anyone make a list where Asha is listed in comparation to Windows Phone?

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    Re: What is Nokia Asha vs Nokia Windows Phone

    The story is that Asha is not coming from thin air, but it is a kind of continuation/redesign for Nokia's long running (10+ years) feature phone platform, Series 40. Asha is designated as "smarterphone" now, and as such it is still not competing directly with anything from your list.
    Established Series 40 developers can develop for Asha with learning tiny amounts of design and operation details, with the same Java Micro Edition they are familiar with. Asha Web Apps is also a direct continuation of Series 40 Web Apps, and builds around concepts which are familiar to any existing developers, and in fact any Web developers in general.

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