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    Pushpin methods not available in Visual Basic?

    I am attempting to move an old Visual Basic Windows Phone 7.1 app from Bing to Nokia maps. I would like to the markers on the map to be links to allow viewing addition details about that point in the map.

    When I program in C# I see many more methods than I do in VB. In fact, I see virtually no methods in VB that would allow me to detect that the victim has tapped on a marker on the map.
    What I do in my C# projects is:

    pinLocal.MouseLeftButtonUp += pin_MouseLeftButtonUp;

    to have code executed on a mouse event on the marker. The MouseLeftButtonUp method does not appear to be available if my project uses VB.

    Hopefully, I am just doing something stupid, a specialty, but I cannot seem to see why the methods I want work in C# but not VB.


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    Re: Pushpin methods not available in Visual Basic?

    I'm not an expert in VB but based on my experience with C# this looks like some "using" statement might be missing or as if for some reason you'd not be using the same control/same version of the control. Given that it's a .Net control you should not have a different visibility.

    When creating two new projects in Visual Studio for testing purposes, one C# and one VB.Net and you add the control from the toolbox - do you see the behavior you've mentioned above or does this only happen in the project you're updating from WP7.1?

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    Re: Pushpin methods not available in Visual Basic?

    I have made two simple projects to compare the behavior of VB versus C#. Both have the exact XAML, references and using/import statements.

    It turns out that none of the 'action' methods show in intellisense or are allowed in Visual Studio. This seems to be a feature of VB and not specific to maps. I have never tried adding controls dynamically in VB before so never noticed the lack of these methods.

    Thanks a lot for your logical suggestion.

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