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    Video Encoder API on WP8

    Hello everybody!!!

    I am stucked in a problem with my WP8 app. The problem is: I have an array of pictures and I want to encode them in a movie that will be uploaded to FB or played in WMP, and if possible add some nice music too. The encoding process must be at the phone. Does anybody here know how to encode videos in WP8 using C# or C++? Any API, Lib or anything else?!? I am in that journey for 2 months and it is very important for my app!!! Please, help me! Any hint is welcome!

    Thanks a lot, Daniel Moraes.

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    Re: Video Encoder API on WP8

    Unfortunately there is currently no APIs on WP8 that allow you to encode, cut or otherwise edit video. Some people have suggested looking into porting of Open Source Video Editing libraries but to my knowledge no such project has been finished so far. Given that you have excluded uploading to a server to do the processing there in your question I fear we are pretty much out of options. I hope the video editing APIs from Windows 8 will become available in WP8.1 next year but for now we don't have a solution (that I know off - and I have looked into a lot of those discussions) on the WP8 platform.

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