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Thread: how to start?

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    Question how to start?


    first of all i am a php,visual basic,c# programmer
    and i know some c++ basics

    i am a new developer to mobile devices
    so i would like to ask some question about how to start
    and i did search but i didn't understand the answer

    when i did search i found some words like sdk ,ide,eclipse i didn't understand
    i downloaded one of sdk try to understand when i try to install it
    i didn't know the eclipse folder so i press next when i try to open it
    i get error

    so could any one please tell me how to start in Simple answer
    if any one ask me about how to create a site
    i will say download any editor like notepad and any local server
    learn php and html than start
    and that what i want

    what is the editor i should use
    the language
    how to make sis file
    what is the sdk ,ide and the eclipse folder
    how to know the library code i mean the phone codes like how to use camera or clock in apps

    how to start ????????

    and thank you
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    Re: how to start?

    SDK=Software Development Kit. When you are programming something with Visual Basic or C#, you are already using such kits, even if they have some other name, or integrated with Visual Studio.
    IDE=Integrated Development Environment. When you are developing something, you use a text editor to create source code, some files describing how to build the project, and compilers+tools to actually execute this building process. However nowadays you have these things integrated into a single environment, like Visual Studio. That is an IDE: it has the text editor, the project management tools (plus extras, like resource editor, design tools, etc.), and compiles the project for you with a single button click.
    Eclipse is an other IDE, which is free and open source, and that is why it is very popular and often used as the base environment for various developer tools. Originally it was for Java, but now there are all kinds of extension for it.

    However if you are downloading Eclipse separately, you might be on a wrong track, most tools come with a built-in, trimmed version of Eclipse, and some of them do not need Eclipse at all.
    You did not mention the actual mobile platform/device you want to develop for, and they actually need different tools.
    - for example with your exisiting VB and C# skills, it would be a natural choice to experiment with Windows Phone platform, where VB and C# are the two main languages actually. However in this case you would get an SDK (links on https://developer.nokia.com/Develop/...tting_started/) which contains an express version of Microsoft Visual Studio (so not Eclipse), and it can also integrate with other VS variants (pro, and the like)
    - in case of developing for Nokia Asha devices, the SDK really uses Eclipse, but it is already part of the SDK, referred as "Nokia IDE" (https://developer.nokia.com/Develop/...va/tools.xhtml)
    There are other platforms and tools as well, please specify which one you are interested in. Generally the "Develop" menu above has getting download and getting started guides for all of them, and also these discussions are organized by the development platforms.

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    Question Re: how to start?

    first of all thank you for you help
    and i am sorry i did not mention the device i just want to get general idea
    i mean by using Visual Studio i can develop many language so i thought may be there is one compiler i could use However
    it C6-00
    S60 5th Edition

    and i downloaded 5th Edition sdk but when i try to install it i get that error about eclipse folder

    so what is the IDE i could use like Visual Studio
    actually what is the tools that i need to download to get a sis file
    i mean text editor,design tools, phone codes for this device like how to use camera or clock in apps , any tool to preview the code , make the sis file after i finish

    what do i need to develop apps for this device?

    and i hope there is something like Visual Studio Contains all these things

    and thank you very much for your support.

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    Re: how to start?

    In the device specification page https://developer.nokia.com/Devices/...cations/C6-00/ you will find the links to IDE and SDK.

    Just beware that you might not have too much time left as the SymbianSigning is going to be discontionued from the beginning of 2014, so that makes it that you practically have just couple of days left to install, learn, develop

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    Re: how to start?

    Quote Originally Posted by the developer View Post
    and i downloaded 5th Edition sdk but when i try to install it i get that error about eclipse folder
    Oh, you tapped into the rare exceptions: if you install a Symbian or S60 SDK, and you mark that you want to develop for Java, on the next screen it will need you to specify an existing Eclipse installation. However the .sis files you mention are related to native, C++ development, so creating them does not require Java support, you can unmark it on the selection screen.
    If you want a complete installation, you will need Eclipse or NetBeans, and according to the release notes, http://sw.nokia.com/id/c95ad480-6b05...es_v1_1_en.txt, it has to be "Eclipse 3.3.1 with EclipseME 1.7.7 and MTJ", so an older version, from http://www.eclipse.org/downloads/moreinfo/classic.php perhaps (I have not tried it now).
    so what is the IDE i could use like Visual Studio
    Carbide.c++ is the IDE, from https://developer.nokia.com/info/sw....119a2b4cb.html
    phone codes for this device like how to use camera or clock in apps , any tool to preview the code , make the sis file after i finish
    Examples are available with the SDK, and online: https://developer.nokia.com/Develop/...Code_examples/
    Unfortunately these links may/will change in the near future as Nokia stops developer support for Symbian starting with 1st of January.
    There is an other platform, called Qt, which comes from desktop environments, and actually left for desktop environments, but was available for a couple years for Symbian, including your device too. As you can see on https://developer.nokia.com/Resource...and_downloads/, it is not hidden behind "other tools" so far, but actually it is also an abandoned platform for Nokia, just it is supposed to be simpler than Symbian C++.
    So whatever you do, you will do that as a hobby, earning money from Symbian coding is not really a perspective any more.

    Two remarks which may drive you to an other direction:
    - Symbian C++ is hard to learn, and can not be used anywhere else. As a former teacher (of Symbian C++), I would say it requires at least 3-4 months to getting some grasp on it - unless it is your daily job and you have 8 hours to learn Symbian C++ a day
    - Qt is supposed to be friendlier, but I am not familiar with it. As far as I remember, and according to the general description on https://developer.nokia.com/info/sw...._One_SDKs.html, it may be present in the SDK you are installing already. If that is the case, Carbide.c++ 3.2 supports it (that is sure). Otherwise you can try the separate Qt downloads from the previously mentioned Tools page
    - while Java Micro Edition is the most simplistic and most restricted one from Nokia (and actually from many other manufacturers), it remains alive, and it is available for your device too (that is the Eclipse thing+Java integration which produced the error for you). Even it is the simplest one, it can happily take photos for you or tell you the time

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