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    MixRadio doesn't work with this browser << WP7

    So I'm trying to write a music app that integrates with Nokia Music for my Lumia 800. I'm trying to handle the maximum number of clients, so want to support both WP7 and WP8. In the case of WP7, where theapp-to-app API's wont work, I'm launching the browser as follows:

    WebBrowserTask web = new WebBrowserTask();
    web.Uri = new Uri("http://music.nokia.com/artist/" + artist.Id);

    However, when I do that, IE launches and the MixRadio site gives me a full screen message:

    "MixRadio doesn't work with this browser"

    Am I doing something wrong, or do Nokia no longer support WP7?

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    Re: MixRadio doesn't work with this browser << WP7

    There is no app-to-app support in WP7 (known a URI Schemes in WP8).

    Also, WP7 support is being phased out, generally, and devs are advised to target WP8 only unless you have a really good reason (ie. a large share of WP7 devices) - and VS 2013 doesn't support WP7 projects anymore.

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