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    Nokia Asha SDK 1.1 Gamecanvas problem

    I am developing a game using Nokia Asha SDK 1.1 (Actually porting from other nokia SDK ). In this build i have used vserv SDK for in app advertisements. But my problem is after 2 or 3 times the screen get stretched and other times its ok. The behaviour is dynamic . When i disable the ad everything seems to work perfectly. I have attach an screenshot which will helps to understand the problem .

    The issue is only with Asha SDK 1.1 . The other build had no problem so far. Also i checked the getWidth() and getHeight() in each frame and they seems to be giving me same (width = 240 and height = 360) .
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    Re: Nokia Asha SDK 1.1 Gamecanvas problem

    Are you able to reproduce this error in the device ?

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    Re: Nokia Asha SDK 1.1 Gamecanvas problem

    Sometimes the error is not there. Sometimes for couple of runtime its there. Yes its reproduce in the device.

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