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    Playback of wav files and mpeg movies

    Despite my best attempts, the Nokia PC Suite for 3650 (Firmware 3.13 dated April, 2003) cannot get integrated with Bluetooth USB Dongle from Widcomm. But I am able to transfer data to phone from PC using right click option. So Itried to transfer a wav file through BT. But when I tried to play it, I got a message saying that the format is not supported. Similarly, a small mpeg video also is too big to fit in phone memory as by default a BT message goes first to Phone Memory. Can anyone please suggest a way of converting wav and mpeg in to appropriate formats (without Nokia 3650 PC Suite) so that I can play the same on my phone.

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    Make sure your wav file is in PCM format. This one works with my 3650, while some others don't. You can check the format with Win2000 Sound recorder application for example. (Load your wav and open Save as.. dialog)

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