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    Post Developing 3d car racing game using java me

    i am sourav...
    i basically know midlet programming and i have also created a simple app but i am very new to 3d game development for java mobiles. first of all i am looking to make basic logic of race game... i.e. the following

    1.rendering the track
    2.rendering the car
    3.collision of car and track
    4.moving the car
    5.camera following the car
    6.ending the race when the car reaches the finish line

    please suggest me articles, books, docs etc. that will help me to do the above things.....


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    Re: Developing 3d car racing game using java me

    You may want to search for Java ME 3d race example with Google, actually there are hits, like the tutorial at the bottom of http://www.symbianresources.com/tutorials/javame.php

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