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    Unhappy icon on my home launcher screen

    i have set my launcher icon of 50X50 in my config.xml …how it’s show on my real device whenever i deploy sort url in nokia asha device 501…………….how i can show that icon on my home launcher screen….????

    second question
    how we can get the unique id of a device (nokia asha 501) in java script (i have made my app on nokia asha web app tool)???????

    plz reply i really need this stuff?????

    thank you .

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    icon on my home launcher screen

    error code 6301 is genrated on real device when shrot url(deploy web app)is not correct or miss at last ?type=webapp...............
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    Re: icon on my home launcher screen

    Please do not hijack old threads with questions irrelevant to the original thread discussion topic. I have moved your posts to new thread for now.

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