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    Dialog Style issues in Nokia Asha 1.1

    Hello All,

    I am facing a strange issue i am porting one of my Nokia SDK 2.0 app to Nokia asha 1.0 and above.

    I have used Dialogs at couple of places and i can see dialogs are displayed in a very different manner they have additional margin and padding.

    I tried setting margin and padding explicitly to dialog and thats also not helping.

    Can any body let me know how i can come above this ??


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    Re: Dialog Style issues in Nokia Asha 1.1

    If your using the static Dialog.show methods then you will have to indeed use shorter strings for them to be visible in the dialog center box.
    If you want custom dialog then you can create your own Dialog and show it.
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    Re: Dialog Style issues in Nokia Asha 1.1

    Ok i remember this issue the problem i faced was some what similar , if i added commands to the form where i have added components, and show dialogs on that form, the behavior was kind of what you have mentioned.

    Then after i removed the commands everything was proper.

    I think its a bug with LWUIT on Nokia Asha !!

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    Re: Dialog Style issues in Nokia Asha 1.1

    I also wanna add that dialog has two different looks in asha platform.I dunno why this happens.I will try to post an image of this soon.make sure you are prepared for this as well.

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