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    RAW format for non PureView models

    Hi everyone. Since there is Lumia Black update straight ahead with amazing camera feature that support RAW format, will Nokia Imaging SDK be updated to code your own apps that support RAW format? If yes, would it mean that we could make camera app that will support RAW format for any WP8 device?

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    Re: RAW format for non PureView models

    Nokia is a bit secretive about tool/SDK updates, but given its long history about dedication towards imaging technologies, I would expect some update.
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    Re: RAW format for non PureView models

    Currently even on PureView devices with the Black update there is no API that allows ISVs to capture RAW images. It's a capability that so far can only be used by Nokia's own Nokia Camera App. It might be that this is opened up to 3rd parties in future updates to SDKs or the OS but there currently is no way to tell if this will come and wether it would be available for all WP devices or only select devices that have the necessary support in the firmware (my personal guess would be that this support won't arrive for devices that don't feature it with Nokia Camera).

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