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    Short URL not displayed when Deploy using Upload Web App

    I am using Nokia Asha Web App Tools version:
    WDE Version: ....... I have selected [x] Generate Short URL in the Deployment options menu of Preferences. When the web app is deployed using Project, Upload Web App, a long URL is generated and displayed in the "Console" window. However, a short URL is not displayed. I have tried typing the long URL into an Asha 501 in RDA using the on-screen keypad. But, the long URL is too long to re-create reliably or in a reasonable amount of time. It would be nice if the Short URL functionality were to be fixed to match the documentation or if the RDA interface were to be enhanced to allow copying from my computer's clipboard to the Search/Browse address window on the remote device. As a work around, I am going to try copying the Long URL into a text file on my computer, then copy the text file into the RDA device. Perhaps I can do some sort of on-device copy/paste to get the Long URL into the Search/Browse address field of XPress Browser. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.
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