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    NFC/Bluetooth 4.0 module

    I am currently working on a small project and was looking for some direction. I am not new to development or engineering, but would just like the opinions of fellow developers.
    I am trying to create a simple wristband which implements a small NFC reader module with a Bluetooth 4.0 module for relaying the NFC information back to a smartphone for processing and running simple tasks.

    In your opinion what would be the most effective route to take to implement this into a wristband or wearable?

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    Re: NFC/Bluetooth 4.0 module

    Is the porpuse of that device to interact in some way with the smartphone? Why BT4? NFC on it self can be used to issue commands to a smartphone. We have a bunch of examples on our wiki on how to interact with the phone using NFC with NDEF standard. BT4 can be seend as an alternative to some devices that does not support NFC or can be used for extended functionality.

    Will your devices have a passive or an active NFC approach? By that I mean will it react to NFC writing or will it be just a NFC tag on witch you can read and write data, but not much else?

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