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    Post hello...

    i'm working on nokia asha web app tool .....in my application i want to set my home launcher icon on screen....i have create an icon (according to guideline provided gui toolkit)......one icon favicon of 16x16 is set on index.html in link tag ...and other is of size 56x56 rounded corrner icon in my project and set in config.xml (src) .....how we can check this icon on my home screen when i deploy web app through short url and deploy in WDE through usb......can i see my icon in place of application icon(default icon)????????
    plz help me i really need this stuff????

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    Re: hello...


    Please put in the title line of the forum the topic of your questions.

    At least include the word icon in the title.
    Than somebody who is expert in icons see your post in the overwiew.
    Also it is easier to search for.

    For the answer, please look at this:



    Karsten Meier

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