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    Nokia In-App Payment

    Can different apps or content files share the same in-app product IDs for Nokia Asha In-App Payment?

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    Re: Nokia In-App Payment

    If you're referring to different builds, under the same title (same content ID), yes.
    I you're referring to different content ID, I would say no.
    The content ID is the number you can see in the url of your title after store.ovi.com/content/xxxx


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    Re: Nokia In-App Payment

    It might be worth pointing out here that the documentation is a big mess now, https://developer.nokia.com/Distribute/In-app_payment/ and https://developer.nokia.com/Distribu...ment_faq.xhtml behave like if June 2013 would be some date in the future, and the Publish site contains old/no documentation in general: FAQ article http://support.publish.nokia.com/?cat=6&topic=57 lists deprecated things like IAP for Qt and Symbian, the links do not work (some of them points to the late Projects site).

    http://developer.nokia.com/Resources...ent-items.html may be the closest thing, but it does not really say if an IAP item is bound to an application or not, especially since it says the IAP items are QA-checked separately.

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