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    Question Saving video to Camera roll or any folder on wp8

    I'm working with an app that can take image while filming, and every thing working så far. The problem is i can't save the video i'm capturing to the phone
    Somone can help me plz with som code?
    I'm using the video sample on msdn site. http://code.msdn.microsoft.com/wpapp...ample-5e800bbf


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    Re: Saving video to Camera roll or any folder on wp8

    To the phone's media gallery or into the isolated storage? If reference here is media gallery then i suppose that isn't allowed : http://social.msdn.microsoft.com/For...orum=wpdevelop

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    Re: Saving video to Camera roll or any folder on wp8

    Outside some Apps that seem to have received special permissions (MoliPlayer, WhatsApp) you currently can't write nor read Videos to/from the media library. This might change with the next major version of WP8 which is likely to arrive sometim H1 2014. Lets hope so.

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