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    Vectorized Image

    Is there a way to make conversion from raster to vector type of image on the smartphone? Is there already built in functionallity to convert that or should I use my own algorithms (I would appreciate if someone post a tutorial based on some good pseudocode) and would some control like Image control be able to display that kind of image?

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    Re: Vectorized Image

    Doing such a thing well is not easy (or impossible if you accept any arbitrary image), I suspect. I don't recall seeing any good tools/algorithms for such for PCs or phones.

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    Re: Vectorized Image

    There is definitely not a ready made control that does that.
    What I imagine an algorithm process will do is first take the image, run it through an edge detection algorithm or object detection algorithm then convert those object to vectors as accurate as possible, I would also suggest sampling the inside of the objects to apply them as textures to the objects.
    as for the background of the image I think that would be the most difficult since all the objects could be hiding its details and now that I think of it also some objects may partially hide other objects so your end result might not be very accurate at all.
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    Re: Vectorized Image

    I have found this http://cardhouse.com/computer/vector.htm on the internet, but I don't know how good that algorithm is and if I can use that algorithm on Image control that is within .NET for Windows Phone.

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    Re: Vectorized Image

    A simple way to decide is to read its description and look at the very beginning of the code, the "if a[j,k] = 1 then" part. In short: it vectorizes a binary (black and white) image. Also it does that to some limited extent only as the description points it out already.
    Algorithms for vectorizing arbitrary images simply do not exist, otherwise you would see them in action everywhere as they would be an extremely useful step for computer vision and as such a huge leap for artificial intelligence in general.

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