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    Unhappy Parsing Json places to map?

    I want create app maps. I don't can biding places from Json ( google maps api) to pushpin (WP8 toolkit). I need help.
    And i want use Maps offline and places to map. I want use SQLite but I do not know how to use it. Thanks u
    I speak English very bad. I self-learn programming Windows Phone over the internet .... i silly, sorry you

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    Re: Parsing Json places to map?

    I think you first need to understand how to parse json data into c# this tutorial can be helpful to understanding that http://blog.roguecode.co.za/MakingaW...herAppInAnHour

    and after that just add your location data from json (longitude and latitude) into your drawing marker method with giving looping for each data retrieve
    for tutorial for showing marker... (just tweak it and done)

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