Hi, how can i add information like new places and also review into here places api? i can't find any documentation about inserting review or picture or new place into here place api rest service...
it seem that the api only provide a way to retrieve data from webservice.

and also for review and picture part , i also find that sometimes json data come with additional parameter like if there is image in Davies Symphony Hall then it will showing like this
media: {
images: {
available: 1
items: [
src: http://download.ch1.vcdn.nokia.com/p/d/UGCprod/places/625de58e-66f1-4a41-bdcb-f9f283218535/Louise%20M.%20Davies%20Symphony%20Hall%20San%20Francisco.jpeg
via: { h...}
id: ugc-d67e5bb1-435c-4149-b184-6135e1710ba6
href: http://demo.places.nlp.nokia.com/places/v1/places/8409q8yy-23fb6ff1ab884296bb5a40507a8fcb5f/media/images/ugc-d67e5bb1-435c-4149-b184-6135e1710ba6?app_id=lp3VaO8uhOFe0akZ4J1m&app_code=JwL7MNaSarML92oqEDshAg
type: urn:nlp-types:image
supplier: { HERE }
attribution: Provided by <a href="https://here.com/profile/users/19c3b378-d66f-07ce-0763-0d48f59fdb00">John Freiman</a> via <a href="http://here.com/p/8409q8yy-23fb6ff1ab884296bb5a40507a8fcb5f">HERE</a>
user: { h...}
} ]
but at there other location with no picture then there will be showing
media: {
images: {
available: 0
items: [ ]
how can i get the general version of json so i can parse into json2csharp.com to generate c# class for me....

And can i this rest data (longitude and latitude) to using it with other location rest service like foursquare? so it just like i'm showing eifel tower information not only from place api but also from foursquare api?