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Thread: Where to start?

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    Where to start?


    I have done some research on both Bing and Google and I can't find any usefull materials on where to start with programming camera applications for WP8. What I want for start is to learn most basic things and that's how to capture the image with both application button and hardware button for capturing images, and how to apply auto and manual focus. Is there any good tutorial on the internet and is that specifically on .NET for Windows Phone, or I can use Nokia Imaging SDK for that?

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    Re: Where to start?

    This code sample demonstrates how to work with the Camera APIs: http://developer.nokia.com/Resources...-explorer.html

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    Re: Where to start?

    There are also lots of samples of MSDN...


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    Re: Where to start?

    This page has a good collection of links to other MSDN tutorials to get you started with the Camera APIs.


    In addition to Nokia's Camera Explorer project, which SB Dev already mentioned, this MSDN sample project is a great example usage of the key Camera APIs.


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