As you can see, we’ve made some significant updates to our site. We hope you like what you see!

We had a couple of goals for this project. First, we wanted to create a cleaner user interface, and one that more closely matched the rest of the Nokia web properties.

The real work, though, was on the backend. We did a lot of behind-the-scenes code cleanup, with the goal of making it easier to extend and improve the site going forward. This update should be the first step in a series of site improvements.

The feedback we’ve gotten so far has been mainly positive. Some issues and inconveniences have been raised as well. Hamish, myself, and the development team are listening to all of your feedback, and filing bugs and feature requests that we’ll use to shape our work on the site going forward. So please keep letting us know what you think! Your feedback is invaluable.

The best place to put your feedback is in the “New Nokia Developer beta” thread. You can also let us know your feedback in private by sending us a private message.

Thanks for being here. You, our community, make this site what it is. We hope that the new infrastructure will make this an even better place to hang out in the future.

Jen (BuildNokia) and Hamish (hamishwillee)
Community Managers