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    Asha 311 Debug Mode?

    Hi, I was trying to build an apps, and since I only have Asha 311 device, I intend to build for that device...
    When I try to build, it works fine with the emulator...
    I suppose it is possible to Debug directly on the device using Debugging Mode on the phone...
    But it seems like I can't find the option on my phone...
    Any tutorials on how to find it on 'Asha 311' my current Nokia OS Details :
    V 07.36
    (c) Nokia

    I don't know if there was a debugging mode before I updated my Nokia OS once...
    Thanks in advance for any Info and/or possibilities and/or guidiance...

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    Re: Asha 311 Debug Mode?

    There was a site renewal just a couple days ago and some tools/guides can not be found now.
    With a search for asha 311 on device debug, I found a discussion which refers this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_YmiD...layer_embedded. You may find it useful (hopefully - I have not checked it as I have no sound here for example). I really hope that the SDK is enough, as if there is need for some extra installation (I remember that first it was a separate tool), that may be unavailable for now.

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