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    Lightbulb Get artists from genre question

    I am writing an application that should get artists from specific genres. I would like to get different artists every time the user opens the app. To achieve this i want to use random number for startIndex parameter in GetTopArtistsForGenre() method. But i have no idea what is the top count for artists of the genre - is there any possible way to get the number or I should just check what I get back from the method?

    Thank You very much in advance!

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    Re: Get artists from genre question

    At a very simplistic level, an alternative to GetTopArtistsForGenre (as this is usually a curated chart), you could just use Search with the Category=Artist and GenreId params. We have 10's of 1000's of artists per genre, so you could do it in one request safely by randomising under 1000 for example.
    The way to find the amount available though is to use the TotalResults property you get back when calling methods that return lists of content.

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