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    S40 Firmware Editor

    How can I edit Nokia C1 Firmware or MCU files by using any software editor?

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    Re: S40 Firmware Editor

    Nokia generally does not support 3rd party modifications of the device firmwares. Reverse engineering is not entirely legal (although there may be countries where local regulations declare it legal), in fact it is explicitly prohibited in either the documentation of the device (as part of Terms of Usage or something like that) and/or in its about box.
    Given the above, the global availability of this site and the fact it is an official one, operated by Nokia, these topics are not discussed here.

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    Re: S40 Firmware Editor


    I agree with wizard,
    Any OEM doesn't allow to manipute the firmware released. It's not legal to manipulated the released firmware.Check the license agreement of the released firmware.
    Use the updated firmware.

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