When I see the following stuff as a developer and as a publisher on the Nokia store I get both angry and upset at the same time.
This sort of things only hurt the Nokia store and the confident of users to download apps (and pay for them)

check out this "publisher" http://store.ovi.com/publisher/littleworld/
and for instance one of his "games" http://store.ovi.com/content/489148 (which is not a game but just a basic web app that will "teach" you about 8pool

then check out this "publisher" http://store.ovi.com/publisher/MR.%20COOOL../
and his "game" http://store.ovi.com/content/489287 which is the same app as the example above that uses the same screenshots and the same description (like most of their "games".

now check out those "publishers" support website
even the phone numbers in the sites are the same.
Its just spamming the store with useless crap apps that are hoping some poor users will buy them and I'm sure there are even more accounts like this.

Surely something needs to be done by the store team or the QA team.