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Thread: Windows 8 App

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    Windows 8 App

    Hello! I'm trying to use the c# sdk inside an win8 app.
    I'm using the following code (taken from your examples):
    MusicSearchTask task = new MusicSearchTask();
    task.SearchTerms = "Green Day";

    When i launch the program a Windows Store window appears saying:
    "no app are installed to open this type of link (nokia-music)".
    Then the store looks for it but the app is not found.
    If I install Nokia MixRadio on the PC everything works fine.

    The same behavior appears using your sample app for Windows 8.

    What am i missing?

    Thanks for your kind attention.


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    Re: Windows 8 App

    Looks like the app you are developing, that uses MusicSearchTask requires the Nokia MixRadio app installed, because after you get the result you open that result in the Nokia MixRadio app.

    And you said: "If I install Nokia MixRadio on the PC everything works fine." Why are you unistall it? Is a requirement, i guess.

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    Re: Windows 8 App

    Hi! Yes, i'm writing an app for the Windows Store marketplace. I dont know if they'll accept it because one of the functionalities depends on the MixRadio app installation. The store, however, does not find the MixRadio app because it is looking for "nokia-music"


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    Re: Windows 8 App

    Hi, what country is your Windows 8 store set to? It's possible we don't have the app available in your country, although I'm confused as you mention you have installed the app.
    For me in the UK, without the app installed, it is found by the Windows Store.
    Also, which version of Windows do you have - 8.0 or 8.1? We are only supporting 8.1 now.
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