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    Remove Options Menu (S60)


    does anybody know if it´s possible to remove the "Options" Menu in a list ?

    I mean: What I want to do is to place a Command on the left that does something directly, instead of selecting first "Options" and then choose my command.


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    The Options menu appears, when you have more command for a screen than softkeys of the device. There is a builtin Exit command, so you may associate only one command for a screen if you want to avoid options menu (grouped automatically by the system). In S60 the Command type has also influence, so it is possible to have only one options menu (and others under it). If you want to be visible a command set it the higher priority (lowest priority number!) when you create it, and don't forget to align the others to it.
    For example:
    pauseCommand = new Command("Pause", Command.STOP, 1);
    continueCommand = new Command("Continue", Command.STOP, 1);
    aboutCommand = new Command("About", Command.STOP, 4);
    When you handle pause and continue command you need to replace them with each other. In this case you have a pause or continue command on the right soft button (depend on state), and an options command on the left (About and Exit under it)

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    Thanx for your answer.

    But what I really wanted to know was if it´s possible to remove the built-in Exit command, so that, adding a new command on the left wouldn´t mean to have the Options Menu. (Removing the Exit Command, we´d only have one command on the left, and pressing the left soft button we would access directly to this command).

    Since your explanation, I understand that it´s not possible to remove this Exit command.

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