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    Post Here Maps /Drive: Wrong search location


    Not sure when it's started but on Drive/Maps every time I search for scfrewfix it points me to elsewhere then in my city.
    I when I search for IKEA it finds okay, same as mcdonalds. Then when i tried to find a company it can't find or points miles away.

    Already reinstalled , made sure that location works ( which does when it find my position )
    Poscode search works fine. It cannot search by name clearly.

    I have wifi on / and data active.

    I have even downloaded maps for it and nothing still the same.

    Any suggestions?


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    Re: Here Maps /Drive: Wrong search location

    Hi, Nokia Developer is about support for software developers. For example API (part of "Maps API for Windows Phone") means Application Programming Interface, they way you use Maps from your own application.
    This question seems more like a usage/feature-related one, and would better be discussed on the main Nokia discussion site, http://discussions.nokia.com/ - there you can pick a language and find Maps boards, like http://discussions.nokia.com/t5/HERE...d-p/navigation in case of English.
    (Your user name and password are the same as what you have registered here)

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