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    SPlaya VST plug-in released (for Windows)

    PAC Ltd. has today released the SPlaya. SPlaya is a tool for creating ringtones in 3GPP approved SP-MIDI format, a standard for polyphonic ringtones supported by most major mobile phone manufacturers such as Nokia, Motorola, Siemens and SonyEricsson.

    PAC SPlaya is an instrument for creating, monitoring and analysing SP-MIDI songs. SPlaya has a 16-channel multi-timbral General MIDI compatible synthesizer with a maximum polyphony of 32 voices. It offers the voice stealing and channel masking features as defined in the SP-MIDI specification. It also contains an internal MIDI sequencer for playback and recording of SP-MIDI files. The first version of SPlaya works in the Windows environment with VST 2.0 compliant host applications such as Cubase SX.

    Specifically designed for ringtone creation, its features make the process of creating ringtones easier and faster for the content producer by offering semi-automatic functionality for SP-MIDI specific tasks such as creating MIP messages required by SP-MIDI standard.

    For more information on PAC Ltd. and the SPlaya, go to http://www.pac.fi. A demo version of the SPlaya and instructions for purchasing the full, unlimited version are also available on the PAC website.

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    Please, have a look to New Nokia tool as well:


    Teemu / Forum Nokia

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