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    Please use StackOverflow for Nokia X Community Support

    If you have technical questions about developing for Nokia X, we encourage you to ask them on StackOverflow.

    Nokia staff who are familiar with Nokia X will be answering questions at StackOverflow. In addition, StackOverflow already has a critical mass of developers who are very familiar with Android programming and the Java platform. We hope that once you’ve gotten the answers to your questions, you’ll give back to the community by responding to other peoples’ questions, too. Given these resources, we expect that you’ll get better, faster answers to your questions by posting them there.

    You should add the tag nokiax to your question to get it to the right people. You may also add other relevant tags, depending on the nature of your question.

    StackOverflow has sophisticated quality rating functionality. This means that once a question is answered, the response will be available to everyone who encounters the same problem in the future. It is therefore worth your time to carefully construct queries and responses, so that others can benefit from them going forward.

    StackOverflow is focused on answering development-related questions. It is not meant for corporate announcements, or for general chat about the platform or the ups and downs of development, and posts of that nature are generally moderated out. It is for that reason that we have created the discussion board here. Please feel free to use the developer.nokia.com board for any discussion that is not appropriate for StackOverflow (of course, following the content norms of this site.) Nokia will also use this space for announcements and to communicate with you about the platform. We’ve also created a board here that you can use to ask questions about publishing Nokia X applications to the Nokia Store.

    Finding information on StackOverflow is easy. Often, if you use an internet search engine to search for the answer to a technical question, one or more of the top search results will lead you to StackOverflow. StackOverflow’s internal search mechanism is quite effective too, in case you wish to narrow your results to just that site.

    If you’re used to following along with discussions about a certain topic on developer.nokia.com, you can do that at StackOverflow, too. The easiest way is simply to go to StackOverflow and search for tags that interest you; so, in this case, search for nokiax. Once you’re familiar with this you can start experimenting with other tags. You might want to try here-maps, in-app-billing, or android. You can also combine multiple tags to get experts from different domains to look at your question. To view the entire list of tags in use at StackOverflow, visit the StackOverflow tag list.

    Prefer to follow along from your inbox, or from an RSS feed reader? You can do that too. When you hover over a tag, two options show up: “subscribe” and “rss”. Select the one you want and follow the instructions to subscribe.

    For more information about StackOverflow, please take their tour or visit their help center.

    See you over at StackOverflow!
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