I'm using the MixRadio seeded mixes in my app (i.e., Artist.WebPlayUri). I'm finding an odd problem: when I load the URL, a song starts playing (normally not by the specified artist). It plays for about 2 seconds, though that may depend on connection speed. Then, after the page finishes loading, it switches to a new song. This new song plays for 30 seconds as expected and then changes to the next song, which also plays for 30 seconds. From then on, it works properly.
The problem occurs both on the phone and with a normal PC, so I managed to collect a network trace with Fiddler. http://1drv.ms/MSUmwR
There's also a screenshot at http://1drv.ms/MSUWdU.
Notice especially frames 10, 17, and 29, the music files. Frames 10 and 17 are separated by 1 second (See Date header on response). Then frame 29 occurs 30 seconds later.
As you can see from the Fiddler file, I'm using URLs like http://www.mixrad.io/us/en/mixes/see...David%20Guetta . Is there something special I need to do to avoid this 2-second sample? I'm using WebBrowser, so I have InvokeScript, but I haven't come up with a workaround that works reliably. Is this a bug in the website?