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    Can't use Facebook for everyone app on my nokia

    i use nokia 2730 classic. i have downloaded facebook app from facebook.com/mobile
    i could use this software without any problem till august 2013. but after that when i start facebook application it tries to connect and connect but i cant go to the home screen. so i deleted the app and redownloaded the application. this time it worked but after 2min of using that app it quits automatically and starts again. this time the same problem occurs. i cant connect to the internet. fb app shows 2 dot out of 5 dots and the 3rd dot keeps blinking.. so please help me out...

    MIDP version 2.1

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    Re: Can't use Facebook for everyone app on my nokia

    Hi, this is the developer support site of Nokia, which means you can find help here when you are developing your own applications. A thing you can check is the main discussion site of Nokia, http://www.nokia.com/discussions, there you may find something about Facebook clients (your user name and password are the same as the ones you are using here). Also, if Facebook developed this client, they may also provide support for it, so make sure you check FB too.

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