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    Maps Resolution - WP8

    I'm working on developing a WP8 app that uses the Nokia Maps built in map control.
    However, when zoomed in on a specific region (in Northern France) this is the resolution of the map:

    Yet, when I go on and search for the same location on here.com this is what it looks like:

    Does Nokia's map system use different maps within a WP8 app?
    Does the first picture have to do with the fact that I'm running the emulator and it's not on an actual phone?
    What is the technique for getting high resolution maps to run on the emulator/actual phone?
    Will I need to convert all of my code back to use the Bing.Maps control?

    Thank you for your response

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    Re: Maps Resolution - WP8

    Sometime in Spring Nokia switched over the backend used by here.com and loaded a lot of higher resolution images in there. WP still uses the old here backend which means the devices can't access the newer images. Back then the article stated that the switch of the backend should come to WP as well although no date was given. Here's the article on Nokia Conversations highlighting the new image data: http://360.here.com/2013/06/27/14-mi...aerial-images/ As for the new backend - it's mentioned in the comments.

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