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    Dissertation help (Windows Phone)


    I am currently in my last year at university studying computer games technology and for my dissertation/ personal project I chose to create an educational Windows Phone game. The game is aimed at children aged 4-7 and focuses on maths.

    The game is also available on the Windows phone store (for 7 and 8 devices) and I was wondering if you guys could help me out. If possible can you please download the game and rate and review it on the store you would help me out a lot as I will be able to use your reviews and opinions in my report to see if the game is effective and where it needs to be improved. (please bear in mind I am rubbish at creating the art assets and had to complete the development of this game on my own and within a short space of time so don't expect greatness ... yet)

    Below is the link to the game,



    Thank you in advance to all those that help me out and if there is anyway I can return the favour I will try my best

    Thanks again guys

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    Re: Dissertation help (Windows Phone)

    Hi Mike,

    I propose you introduce your game in one or more Windows Phone Forums. See http://developer.nokia.com/community...Support_Forums.

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