Hi guys,

I am doing a master thesis for a HDR Video project.

In short, I want to record a video such that the 1st frame is captured using normal Exposure Value (EV), and the next frame with a lower EV, and so on ans so forth, so that I can combine every 2 frames into a HDR frame.

I have few problems and I am not sure if the API allows.

1. Do we have control over EV value during video recording? SO I can set EV value for different frame duing video record

2. I assume the Video Capturing is an ASYNC process? so it might take more than 1 frame time for the new EV (high or low) value to take effect during video capture?

For the manual focus part, I have already seen an app called "Video Camera Pro" which allows us to change the manual focus on the fly during video recording, I just want to confirm if this can be done.

Thanks in advance for the help.