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    Adding new resource strings to many language files

    I've got a bunch of new resource strings for an update
    is there any way to copy them all from the english to the other languages
    or it is just a pure manual job

    likewise the multiple versions of each language ie french, candian french, french french

    also do i need every spanish version or will the generic one show up in all spanish speaking stores?


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    Re: Adding new resource strings to many language files

    Here (http://developer.nokia.com/community...al_App_Toolkit) you'll find some guidance.
    I did it manually, but I just have a handful of languages and not so many strings.
    With the generic languages I have the problem that the app title in the store is shown incorrectly (the neutral name is shown instead of the generic one). On the device the names are correct, but the users don't find my app after Installation,
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    Re: Adding new resource strings to many language files

    I also did manually.
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