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    FingerPrint Scanning Security System for Cellphones

    hi! I'm a student from the University of the East in the Philippines.
    we are proposing in our Thesis project for a FingerPrint Scanning Security System for Cellphones.
    since cellphone snatching here is very rampant and the security code and pin code is easily hacked, we are suggesting for our thesis.
    the idea is this: the FingerPrint Scanning Security System is analogous to the PinCode or Security Code but it is more secure and accurate. the cellphone will be automatically locked if an unauthorized user (snatcher) is holding it.

    the cellphone will have a very small scanner to be able to detect who is using the handset. only the owner can operate the unit

    can nokia provide us the necessary requirements to make this proposal a reality?
    can you help us?

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    regarding security codes

    i have a 7210 and cannot get the security code anywhere as it will not let me into the fone without this, therefore making the phone useless to anyone, i noticed in your post you refer to the security codes as "so easily hacked", if this is the case can you tell me how to do this on my phone so i can use the darn thing again. any positive and usefull response would be usefull.
    thanks aand sorry i wasn't much use on your own post. but i am sure your theory would be very usefull.

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