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    Do I require special permission to submit an app using Nokia Imaging SDK to store?

    Here is my conversation with Microsoft support team..

    venu: I have already created a beta app and submiited in the store previously and there was no issues
    Adrian: Understood. Here are the phones used per the tester notes: HTC 8S, Nokia Lumia 1020
    venu: I have uploaded the same app with new performance changes in the morning with different name "Clipr Final". Can you check that app soon so that If you face any problems with it I can rectify it and re-submit it again
    venu: My app doesn't work in HTC 8s
    venu: because I used Nokia Imaging SDK, which is not compatible with other manufacturers phone excepting nokia
    venu: I have checked it so many times in My lumia 920 and Emulator WVGA 512 Mb
    Adrian: As it turns out there is not a way to develop specifically for a certain brand of phones.
    Adrian: Your apps published to the Windows Phone store must be compatible with all devices.
    venu: Yeah I know but I guess Nokia Imaging SDK doesn't work with other phones, please confirm it
    venu: And even I can find apps n windows phone store which are exclusive to only Nokia phones
    Adrian: Those apps either usually come from Nokia or a vendor that has direct permission from Nokia and Micrsoft to publish those apps.
    venu: Is there any other process for submitting Nokia exclusive apps?
    venu: What should I do now?
    Adrian: You must contact Nokia for that permission.
    venu: Can you guide me please
    venu: All these days I don't know about this..I thought simply submitting to WP store will be enough
    Adrian: I can suggest that you try posting in the Developing for Windows Phone forums to see if any other developers have any ideas. Windows Phone developer support is unable to provide technical assistance for apps.
    Adrian: I can suggest that you create functionality for devices that are not Nokia phones.
    Adrian: However, at its current state, your app might not be approved if the functionality is limited to Nokia phones.
    venu: Okay, but in my app failure report, You have tested my app and said that you are facing force close at a particular step. Then how do you tested my app, if the app is not compatible with HTC 8S
    venu: I don't know whether my app is Nokia exclusive or not.. I'm just guessing it
    Adrian: It is possible that the app still launches on a HTC device, but certain commands may not work. Testers are only testing for usability and do not offer any crash reports.
    venu: This was the email I got from your support team
    venu: Steps to Reproduce: 1. Launch the application. 2. Select “Clip” and choose a picture from “Photos”. 3. Select the “foreground” and “background”. 4. Select “clip & merge” from the app bar. 5. Select “save” button. 6. Choose the “current view” or “whole image” from the alert message. 7. Observe the application terminates unexpectedly.
    venu: From step 3 to step 7.. every step uses Nokia Imaging SDK..So it's not possible that my app is nokia exclusive
    Adrian: Understood. There may be an unhandled exception. Here is an article that may help you report unhandled exceptions:
    Adrian: http://www.developer.nokia.com/Commu...ows_Phone_apps
    Adrian: I am not able to determine what from the Nokia SDK may cause your app to fail. If you need technical assistance I can suggest that you post to our forums. We also offer paid technical support, but that may not be necessary in your case.
    Adrian: Anything else you might need at the moment, Venu?
    venu: I just want a confirmation that my app failed certification because of unhandled exception..
    venu: or is it because of compatability issue
    Adrian: We are unable to determine that. Testers are only testing your app from a user's perspective and do not offer crash reports or technical information.

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    Re: Do I require special permission to submit an app using Nokia Imaging SDK to store

    The Imaging SDK is not exclusive to Nokia hardware. I have an App using the Imaging SDK running on the Samsung Ativ S without any issues. In this case I would suggest to add an error reporting feature to your App and perhaps try to find a tester that uses the particular phone. That way you should be able to find out what exactlly causes the crash.

    It's however not certain wether it's actually the device that causes the issue because it's possible that the user used an Image (portrait instead of landscape) that entered a code path that led to the crash. As for testing in the Emulator - please try to test the App in the Emulator without the Debugger being attached. Memory constraints aren't enforced by the OS while the Debugger is attached. So it's possible that the crash results from the App exceeding the allowed memory.

    As for your question to limit the App to Nokia devices only: the store does not support it. OEMs can launch there exclusive Apps in a special section but this is not accessible for third party developers (Third Party developer's Apps that show up in there are the result of a cooperation between the OEMs and those developers).

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    Re: Do I require special permission to submit an app using Nokia Imaging SDK to store

    I will add an error reporting feature to the App and I'll ask few developers to test my beta app. Any developers interested in testing my app can message me your Microsoft Email ID.

    Is there any tool available in Visual studio 2013 professional to test memory leaks and performance issues?

    Thank you SB Dev

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    Re: Do I require special permission to submit an app using Nokia Imaging SDK to store

    For Application Analysis you can find an introduction here in MSDN: http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/libr...vs.105%29.aspx

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    Re: Do I require special permission to submit an app using Nokia Imaging SDK to store

    Thank you so much

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