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    splashscreen with a loading progress bar

    i want when i click on my game icon it should first bring a splash screen with a loading progress bar and then the main menu in java me.
    help me and post the code.

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    Re: splashscreen with a loading progress bar

    In Java ME, a splash screen is not special in any sense, it is just an arbitrary screen you happen to show right at the start. As such, you can freely use timers/some other mechanism and draw a progress bar on it.

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    Re: splashscreen with a loading progress bar

    @juliusa if I might add I think you would be getting better answers and better response from the community asking technical or theoretical question on a specific issue showing that you have tried to deal with it and got stuck or had a problem on a specific issue and not a general question with asking the community to give you the code.

    This is just my advice but I think its useful so think about it....
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