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    Unhappy App Failed QA Review but not my app fault.

    I submitted the app for Nokia x app store. My app downloads videos from different sites. I got comments from the QA team,

    SUMMARY : App crashes after tapping "Full Screen" icon in video playing page.

    Step to Reproduces:
    1. Launch the app.
    2. Play the video
    3. Tap "Full Screen" icon

    But my app does not have any "Full Screen" icon. The icon is of media player which they installed on their phone.
    My app just pass the downloaded video path to any media player which plays the video.
    I tested online with RDA program on Nokia x emulator and I installed MX player. The videos from my app plays just fine in any mode with MX player.
    So the bug is of the media player they are testing not in my app.
    I also wrote a email to them about this.

    Can any one clarify how can I improve in this scenario.

    Thanks & Regards,

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    Re: App Failed QA Review but not my app fault.

    I do not know much about Nokia X, but generally QA tests the applications with a vanilla device. Unless you make sure that MX player is installed, it probably will not be installed, and the default, built-in player gets your video.

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